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Online Marketing Is No Longer Optional

If one of your goals is to grow your business this year, then you are probably going to need a little help.  Technology has reshaped the way clients research and select service providers and products today, and it is a constantly changing game.  Online marketing continues to get more sophisticated each year (no, it doesn't just seem that way!).  What worked last year isn't as effective this year.  And if you happen to predate the technology age (like me), you may be late to the party and just a bit overwhelmed by all this stuff.

No way around it, you need a well-planned, online marketing strategy to grow your business today.  That's because only 3% of the people searching online are actually ready to make a buying decision.  And over 70% of people searching need an average of 10-12 touch points over a 6-8 month period before they are ready to work with you. That's why an ongoing and consistent process to connect, engage, nurture and convert them to clients over time is now key to your success.

Boutique Marketing Source services are based on building a system that connects, engages, nurtures and converts prospects into new clients for you by integrating solid brand, content, website and planning strategies.  We partner with you right where you are today and start planning for your future.  If that means you want to DIY for a while, we can show you how.  If you want to just hand some or all of it over to someone else, we can handle it for you.  Either way, we get to know you and your business intimately so we can develop an exclusive program that gets you results and offers a genuine return on your financial investment.

About Nancy Steffke

Marketing Consultant

For a number of years now I have been working with entrepreneurs, individuals and other small businesses to create brands, build online presence and execute on sound marketing strategies that deliver results.  My experience prior to that included freelance graphic design and copy writing, several marketing and business administration roles for top 20 global consulting firms, global ad agency experience in NYC and selling real estate in FL.  Although my resume is a bit of a patchwork quilt at this point, I have gained a lot of in depth knowledge and a broad perspective on what it takes to grow a business.


I am also the sole parent to an amazing 12-year old son.  Raising a child completely on my own has been both my greatest challenge and my greatest blessing. He is also the reason I began looking for something to do that offered the flexibility to be a more available parent.  So after my last corporate position sitting in a cubicle to keep my bills paid, I desperately needed a change and jumped on an opportunity to provide office management for a small psychology practice in 2014 as an independent contractor.  On a very profound level, I immediately connected with the positive energy surrounding a business that helps people on such a personal level.  As a result, my creative spirit and passion for helping others was rekindled!  Fairly quickly I was given the opportunity to put some of my marketing expertise to work building that practice and, in a matter of just 8 months, we grew by over 50%.  Needless to say, I had discovered a new passion and entrepreneurial career path.

Most of my early projects did not involve a whole lot of online promotion.  However as I began providing consulting services to other businesses, it didn’t take too long to figure out that there was a lot more that I wanted to know about the complex world of online marketing to better serve my clients.  I began devouring countless books, attending seminars, watching a lot of webinars and took some courses on digital marketing.  I started putting my newly acquired knowledge to work for my clients and got results … which brings us to today.

Why work with me?  Because I truly appreciate YOU and your passion for your business.  Since I love all things marketing and my passion is to share my expertise with you, I think we have the potential for a great relationship.  My unique combination of knowledge, creativity, talent and experience allow me to create your brand, design your website, write your content and build a marketing system that works for you.

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