Don't Like Marketing Yourself?

Neither do I …

Now that might sound a bit strange coming from a marketing coach and consultant, but it’s true! While I absolutely love helping individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses market themselves, putting myself out there the same way is really hard for me. And we’re not alone.

Notice Me! Notice Me! Said almost no introvert or reasonably private person … ever.

As I’ve worked closely with my clients over the last number of years, I’ve learned that many of you are admittedly very uncomfortable marketing yourselves online the way you need to have a successful business today. You’re secretly hoping your knowledge, experience and excellent product or service will speak for you. Unfortunately, the world just doesn’t work that way – especially now that technology has forever changed buyer behavior (I’ll be doing a blog about that soon).

A highly personal online presence is more important than ever to engage new clients because they are going to check you out online before they ever contact you. So, what to do? In the words of Brené Brown … “Show up. Be Seen. Live Brave.” In other words, you need to be willing to put your best authentic self out there in the digital world. A little scary, I know.

The most recent studies show that the key component to successful online marketing today is through “client-centric” content. Basically what this means is that it needs to be about your potential client’s feelings, interests, needs and experiences. They have to feel that you really “get them” and are the best one to help them because you do. Your online content should feel to your client as though they’re sitting face to face with you, having a conversation. That you can understand their problem and working with you is the solution to that problem.

To begin doing this, think about how you handle your first face to face meeting with a new customer. What kinds of things do you talk about as you’re first getting to know them? What personal experiences do you use to relate to theirs? What questions do you ask them? What do you expect of them and what can they expect of you in a business relationship? And then think about what interests, hobbies, etc. do most of your ideal clients have in common?

Once you start thinking this way, you are ready to look at your website, social media and marketing content with a fresh set of eyes … the eyes of your client.

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