Why Your "About Me" Is Not About YOU

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Now that may sound like a pretty bold statement, but it’s true.

Latest studies indicate that your About Me is the page most people go to right after landing on your homepage, and my analytical programs confirm this to be true for each of my clients’ sites as well.

Assuming that your homepage content is engaging enough to keep visitors interested when landing on your site, the first thing they do (before they even look to see what services you provide) is to see what YOU as a person are all about. Do you understand them? Are you warm, welcoming and can they relate to you as a person? Do your personal experiences resonate with them? Do you make them “feel” like they can trust you?

What this means is that your About Me content needs to be very “client-centric”. As mentioned in my previous blog “Don’t Like Marketing Yourself?” your content needs to be about your potential client’s feelings, interests, needs and experiences. They have to “feel” that you really “get” them and are the best choice to help them because you do. Your online content should always make your client feel as though they’re sitting face to face with you, having a friendly conversation. That you can understand their problem better than anyone else and working with you is the solution to that problem.

Once you’ve identified your specialty, you need to dig deep to identify what your ideal client looks like. I have developed a “client persona” worksheet that starts with some basic demographic information and works through hobbies and interests, personality traits, subscriptions and more to help with this process. Today’s buyers are looking for experts to solve the specific problem they are struggling with, and thanks to online marketing they can find them easily. They tend to pass up on providers who position themselves as capable of doing too many things.

In a nutshell, a good About Me page will effectively connect you to your ideal client in a very personal way, both personally and professionally. It will allow your potential client to “meet” you on a human level and ensure they spend enough time on your site to learn more about your services – and eventually contact you. 😊

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