In a world of infinite choices, branding that helps people remember YOU is more important than ever. And it is not only about getting your target market to select you over the competition, but about getting your prospects to see you as the sole provider of a SOLUTION to their problem or need. Branding is what helps a prospective buyer call to mind a particular company when it comes time to buy.  

To succeed, you must understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. A good brand clearly delivers your message, confirms your credibility, emotionally connects your prospects with your service and motivates them to buy.​

We have developed a number of tools and a process to dig deep on who your ideal customer is and how to position you as the solution to their problem or need. We work through the best way to convey your brand visually and in your copy.


Your website is the hub of your presence online - it's your face to the world and it's your greatest business asset.  With over 80% of your clients searching or researching online before they call you, you can't afford NOT to have a strong, client attracting website.​  A great looking site with well written content is essential, but it's only one piece of an online marketing strategy ... it needs to function as the hub of your marketing.  Our sites are user friendly, with plenty of built-in apps for CRM, email campaigns, social media, forms, online bookings, blogging, analytics, SEO optimization and much more. Knowledge is power - monitoring your traffic, knowing where it's coming from, the average time spent on your site and other analytical information, you are able to make informed decisions about where to invest your valuable time and money.

We offer websites ala carte or as part of an overall marketing strategy. In addition to creating a beautiful custom site for you, we offer ongoing maintenance, monitoring and contact management.


Positioning your brand's message so it is easily accessible by those that most need your help is what is known as content marketing.  Content is an extremely powerful tool for attracting clients and building a business with much less effort and overhead than ever before.  The content on your website has to do double duty: bring in prospective clients from search engines with SEO, and persuade both cold and warm leads to contact you.  In addition, utilizing blogs, videos, images and social media allow you to highlight your business among the others in the area and position you as the best match for those needing services.

We offer copy writing and editing services for websites, blogs and other collateral designed to communicate effectively with your ideal client in mind.


Everything's connected and without a well planned, coordinated and executed online marketing strategy, you won't get very far.  It's important to deliver a clear brand message across your website, social media and email campaigns to drive traffic and land clients. Beyond that, efforts need to be ongoing and consistent over time to get results. We work with you to leverage and maximize what you already have, and develop a realistic plan to keep new and relevant material flowing.

Whether you want to DIY for a while yet, hand it over completely or somewhere in between, we offer coaching and consulting packages specific to your needs.